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Brain Injury Education Workshops

Education workshops aim to help people understand the impact of acquired brain injury and to introduce compensatory strategies to help maximise function.

Jo or one of the specialist Rehab Team will explain and provide strategies to support living well with acquired brain injury, more commonly known as ABI.

The weekly education topics cover the cognitive skills impacted by an ABI, such as attention, memory and information processing, and executive skills such as decision making, planning, problem solving, insight and emotional regulation. Physical, communication or behavioural difficulties are also discussed.

Jo will talk you through explanatory educational slides which accompany the session, giving examples and solutions to problems that you may encounter, helping you to think about your own situation and how best to deal with things, and learning from hearing how others cope.  The sessions include interactive process training tasks to practise some cognitive skills.  Different strategies will be discussed in order to improve your well being and independence. 

Other Services

Charges and Referral

Read about our charges and how to be referred to Headway Surrey.

Art Sessions

Read about our sessions. The first one is free!

Brain Injury ID Card

The Card is designed to help the general public and Police to more easily identify brain injury survivors and ensure that they receive an appropriate response and support.

Centre Day (Workshops)

Education workshops aim to help the understanding of how brain injury affects a person’s thinking skills.

Coffee Morning Online

This is a FREE SERVICE and is available to anyone with an Acquired Brain Injury.

Counselling Services

A safe space to enable change without judgement where each person can explore and discuss their issues.

Family and Carers Survival Toolkit Course

Family, close friends and carers are important and need their own space and time to deal with the effects of being with and caring for someone with a brain injury.

Friday Friends Drop In

This is a FREE SERVICE and is available to anyone with an Acquired Brain Injury.

One to One Individual or Family Sessions

We offer one to one education sessions on zoom for individuals or family groups to educate and support on individual issues.

Lunch & Learn Professional Talks

We can provide tailored training to your staff or group. This can be a presentation on a particular topic or a question-and-answer session.

Understanding Brain Injury Course

Adults with a brain injury learn about the brain and changes to cognition, fatigue, emotion and communication.

How you can Help Us

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