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Hats for Headway Day 2024

Friday 17th May 2024.  Or actually any day during Brain Injury Awareness Week 20th - 26th May.   It's a great way for your company or group to have fun and to raise some funds for our services. Wear your hat at home, at work, in the car, on your dog!

1. Donate £2 or more per person. Donations can be made here via our website

2. Share a selfie in your favourite Hat online or via email to  hashtag #HatsForHeadway


ABI Week - Acquired Brain Injury Week provides an annual platform on which we can raise awareness of acquired brain injury and the work of Headway Surrey to support those affected.

Each year, there is a new campaign during ABI Week, encouraging and supporting the Headway network to participate.

In 2024, ABI Week will be between the 20th - 26th May with Hats for Headway Day taking place on Friday 17th May 2024.

The campaign week has traditionally been held in the second or third week of May, though we are keen to avoid a clash with Mental Health Awareness Week, so we have moved the date.

The theme this year is:  A life re-written

A brain injury can happen to anyone, at any time. A life re-written will aim to raise awareness of brain injury by not only highlighting the impact it can have on individuals and families, but also asking people to imagine the ‘what if’ scenario none of us like to consider.

Headway will be illustrating how easily life plans can be thrown into disarray. We will tell those ‘sliding doors’ stories of lives changed in an instant, asking survivors and families to paint a mental picture for others to visualise with the aim of connecting the general public to the impact of ABI.

A life re-written is about identity after brain injury, how survivors have experienced post-traumatic growth through a process of change.

The campaign will also give us the opportunity to detail how Headway has helped to rebuild lives after brain injury through the personal stories of brain injury survivors which will be central to the campaign.