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Brain injury happens every 90 seconds to someone in the UK! The majority of Headway Surrey clients have had a stroke or a road traffic incident. 

Headway Surrey supports adults over 18 in Surrey with acquired and traumatic brain injury, and supports their families, friends, employers, health and social care workers. 

Headway Surrey ensures that when a person’s life (and their family's) is turned upside down by brain injury, they get the help and support they need and deserve.

Headway Surrey has been providing a range of specialised services since 1985, from our centre in Guildford (and online, via telephone and text, or at hospitals and other venues). 

The brain injury may be from a stroke, road traffic incident, meningitis, encephalitis, tumour, aneurysms, sporting accident, work injury, assault, combat, domestic violence, hypoxia, falling debris, trip, fall or slip etc.  Whatever the cause, it is our aim to help you live well with your brain injury and achieve your potential, whatever is meaningful and relevant to you and your family.   

Practice and repetition for months or years is a key component of optimal recovery, and so is learning compensatory techniques to reduce memory problems, socialisation and communication practice. 

We are a small charity but caring and passionate about helping people with brain injuries.  Talk to us and see how we can help you. 

Brain injury disrupts executive function and the ability to plan and execute a series of tasks, inhibit inappropriate automatic impulses, regulate emotional responses, foresee the consequences of actions and make judgements about risk. The ‘dysexecutive syndrome’ encompasses various impairments, including difficulties with problem solving, planning, organising, initiating, inhibiting and monitoring behaviour. It also includes impairments in cognitive flexibility, which is the ability to change cognitive or behavioural strategies to adapt to novel or evolving task demands. 

Our aim is to enable those with brain injury to understand their brain injury and become independent and lead a meaningful life, which may include returning to work or volunteering.   

Headway Surrey supports the family: children, spouse, partner, parents, carers, work colleagues and employers. 

We provide a range of services including a helpline for those in crisis, or needing support, centre workshops, one to one sessions, counselling, young persons group, walking and talking group, drop in, coffee mornings, courses, hospital link workers, professional presentations, talks and webinars. 

Headway Surrey uses SMART individual goals, we help break down each goal into manageable/realistic steps.  We will build on the 10 Keys to Happiness and Wheel of Wellbeing to help decisions about what is important to each person to incorporate/improve upon. 

We operate from a ground floor custom built, fully accessible Centre in North Road, Guildford.  It is eco-friendly (producing solar energy) and the money saved on energy goes back into our services!

The Centre is comfortable, light and airy, and provides us with an excellent working environment providing a safe space, great training and study work area, a relaxing confidential quiet room, a kitchen, a relaxing garden and admin offices.  We also offer online alternatives to be fully inclusive. 

Headway Surrey is a registered charity and we rely on your generous donations to cover the cost of our services.  Please consider making a donation online via our donations link.  Or consider running your own fundraising event, or making us your charity of the year. 

Although Headway Surrey is affiliated to Headway UK the brain injury association and is required to pay an affiliation fee.  Headway Surrey DOES NOT receive any financial support from Headway UK, the national organisation.

Non Surrey residents can access Headway Surrey support if there are places, however, Surrey residents will take precedence.  There are Headway branches and groups throughout the UK, please check HERE for other areas. 

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