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What we do

Headway Surrey supports adults over 18 in Surrey with acquired and traumatic brain injury, and their families.

We ensure when a person’s life is turned upside down by brain injury, they get the help and support they need and deserve. We have been providing these services since 1985.

From our base in Guildford, we offer a range of specialist services. If you have travel restrictions.  or prefer online, we also offer online support and visit hospitals. 

We care and support people with brain injuries to come to terms with what has happened and overcome their disabilities, as well as providing support and advice to their families and carers and training and information for local professionals.

The injury may be from a road traffic incident, stroke, meningitis, encephalitis, tumour, aneurysms, sporting accident, work injury, combat, domestic violence, hypoxia, assault, falling debris, trip, fall or slip etc.  Whatever the cause, it is our aim to help you live well with your brain injury and achieve your potential, whatever that may be.  

We are small, caring and passionate about helping people with brain injuries.

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How you can help us

Donate to Headway Surrey

We rely on voluntary donations to continue to provide vital services to brain injury survivors and their families. There are many ways to make a donation


Whatever your skills and experience - we can find you a role.


It is surprisingly easy to help raise funding for Headway Surrey.

Friday drop-in or walks

Third Friday every month

Drop in to our centre in Guildford and see our lovely centre and garden.  Meet the staff and volunteers.  Meet other adults who have an acquired or traumatic brain injury.  Have a coffee, chat, play board games and other activities.  10.30am-12 noon.  Some people come on their own and others bring a friend, carer or family member.  All welcome. No dogs, sorry. 

We will also occasionally change the Drop In to a Walk somewhere in Surrey.  About 1 mile, normally level paths (or as level as possible), accessible for wheels, free parking, disabled parking, public toilets, seating and refreshment facilities, so bring some money.  We will meet at 10.30am for a 10.45am start and finish at approximately 12noon.  If you would just like to meet us for some fresh air at the refreshment stop for a spot of socialising, then we can let you know our approximate arrival time.  The Walking Group is suitable for those with an acquired brain injury, family, friends, carers, their children and well behaved dogs (on leads).  

We are always looking for volunteers -  if you are interested then please get in touch.