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London Marathon - Sunday 2 October 2022

Spaces still available

We still have the following spaces to fill on 3 October 2022

  • Three actual places 
  • 10 virtual places

If you feel you can raise between £200-£2,500 please contact Sonja Freebody at the following email address:

See our runners so far:

Joe Young

Actual London Marathon Runner

Day 1 Training: 29 January 2022.

After running the 26.6 mile Virtual Marathon 2021 last year I felt accomplished as it was one of the toughest things I’ve done in my life.

This year 2022 I aim to better myself at the Actual London Marathon by training harder and raising much more money.

This year I’m running in London so any support will be amazing.  I'm aiming to raise up to £2,500. 

After having just recovered from COVID I did my first run a small 4K and it wasn’t easy as my lungs have been a bit damaged but in the coming days I’ll be back up and running.

Bib number: TBC

Shalaleh Tarbiat

Actual London Marathon Runner

I am a Marathoner who loves running outdoors for HEADWAY SURREY because everyone deserves a happier healthier life.  I live in Canada and I have been waiting since the beginning of the pandemic to run the Actual London Marathon.  I am really excited that it is finally happening. 

I am hoping to raise £2,500.

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