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Action for Brain Injury Week and Hats for Headway Surrey

Acquired Brain Injury Awareness and Hats for Headway is between 17 and 23 May

 Author: Webmaster

 Published on: Thu, May 20th 2021

How you can support Brain Injury Week

To coincide with Acquired Brain Injury week and Hats for Headway between 17 and 23 May, we have set up a Virgin Money Giving page where you can donate just £3 or more and send your photos to us.

Some Startling Statistics

A brain injury can happen to anyone at anytime and here are some startling statistics:

  • According to the Department of Transport, hospital data shows that over 40% of cyclists suffer head injuries.
  • There are significant risks in returning to the field of play after sustaining a concussion. If a player sustains another blow to the head before the brain has had a chance to recover, the damage can be exacerbated to the point that it can be – on rare occasions – fatal.
  • Based on 2014 motorcycle accident statistics - during the 10 years up to 2013, 80% of motorcycle fatalities, involve a serious head injury.
  • Results of a survey exploring the use of hard hats in the construction industry found those who experienced a head injury at work: 
    • 52% did not report an incident to their manager
    • Just 6% sought medical attention to their head injury
    • Source: The Brain Injury Charity

How you can Help Us

Donate to Headway Surrey

We rely on voluntary donations to continue to provide vital services to brain injury survivors and their families. There are many ways to make a donation.


Whatever your skills and experience - we can find you a role.


It is surprisingly easy to help raise funding for Headway Surrey.