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Call our helpline: 01483 454433

Charges and Referral

If funding is a barrier to accessing any of our services we have concessionary and complimentary spaces available in certain circumstances. E.g. those on limited income, full-time students, unemployed and fully retired people with no paid work.   

Centre Days (Workshops)

These are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and provide Brain Injury Education workshops incorporating a variety of cognitive activities:  creative writing, art, Boccia, Tai Chi, gardening, games.  Your free initial assessment will identify the day most suitable for you.  You may try one session for Free before you commit.

  • Whole day:
    • 10am - 2.30pm
    • £75.60 private 
    • £61.89 adult social care
  • Half day:
    • 10am - 12noon or 1pm - 2.30pm
    • £60 private
    • £43.36 adult social care

One to one sessions

  • 1 hour on Zoom or at Guildford Centre
  • Individual or family group
  • £117.60 private
  • £105.08 adult social care 

6-week courses

  • Understanding (ABI) Acquired Brain Injury Course (for persons with an ABI).
  • Family and Carers Survival Toolkit Course (for persons living or looking after someone with an ABI).
  • Counselling for persons with (ABI) Acquired Brain Injury or their family/carer.
  • £60 for six sessions.

Free Services*

  • Helpline and Email/text/What's App Support
  • Coffee Morning, Friday Friends Drop In
  • Professional Lunch and Learns and Service Presentations

*We are holding these amazing free services for you, please help us to continue to do this by joining Friends of Headway Surrey.  It's only £40 per annum.

Professional Training, Talks and Lunch & Learn

  • Introduction to our Services by ABI Link Worker
    • 10 - 40 mins,
    • Online or face-to-face
    • Ideal for staff meetings or coffee mornings
    • FREE
  • Lunch and Learn
    • 30 minutes
    • FREE
    • Online
  • Bespoke Professional training sessions
    • £200 for 1 hour training and 30 minutes Q&A.
    • Online or face-to-face
    • Suitable for health groups, solicitors etc. 


You can self-refer for our services, or be referred by a medical/health/social services professional. 

People outside of Surrey can access this support but Surrey residents will take precedence.  If you live outside Surrey, check Headway UK to see if there is a Headway in your county or area offering similar services. 

Tel: 01483 454433.

The Office Manager or Rehab Co-ordinator will contact you for a brief discussion via telephone or Zoom, to ensure you find the best service for your needs. If our services are not a match for your needs, we will advise you on more suitable services.

The Headway Surrey Rehabilitation Team have all undertaken the nationally recognised Headway UK Certificate in Brain Injury, from Northampton University and Brain Tree Training. Combined with this, they bring many years of working with special needs, disability, challenging behaviour, autism and psychology.

Our team will help you to set realistic goals to enable you to achieve your ambition to live well with your brain injury.

Adult Social Care Benefits in Surrey

Find out about care and support for adults at the Surrey County Council website

Useful Welfare Benefit Factsheets

Other Services

Art Sessions

Read about our sessions. The first one is free!

Brain Injury Education Workshops

Education workshops aim to help the understanding of how brain injury affects a person’s thinking skills.

Brain Injury ID Card

The Card is designed to help the general public and Police to more easily identify brain injury survivors and ensure that they receive an appropriate response and support.

Centre Day (Workshops)

Education workshops aim to help the understanding of how brain injury affects a person’s thinking skills.

Coffee Morning Online

This is a FREE SERVICE and is available to anyone with an Acquired Brain Injury.

Counselling Services

A safe space to enable change without judgement where each person can explore and discuss their issues.

Family and Carers Survival Toolkit Course

Family, close friends and carers are important and need their own space and time to deal with the effects of being with and caring for someone with a brain injury.

Friday Friends Drop In

This is a FREE SERVICE and is available to anyone with an Acquired Brain Injury.

One to One Individual or Family Sessions

We offer one to one education sessions on zoom for individuals or family groups to educate and support on individual issues.

Lunch & Learn Professional Talks

We can provide tailored training to your staff or group. This can be a presentation on a particular topic or a question-and-answer session.

Understanding Brain Injury Course

Adults with a brain injury learn about the brain and changes to cognition, fatigue, emotion and communication.

How you can Help Us

Donate to Headway Surrey

We rely on voluntary donations to continue to provide vital services to brain injury survivors and their families. There are many ways to make a donation


Whatever your skills and experience - we can find you a role.


It is surprisingly easy to help raise funding for Headway Surrey.