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Call our helpline: 01483 454433

Coffee Mornings Online

Alternate Wednesdays.

11am-12 noon.   


  • 1, 15 & 29 March
  • 12 & 26 April
  • 10 & 24 May
  • 7 & 21 June
  • 5 & 19 July

If you have an acquired or traumatic brain injury you are welcome to join us.   

Sessions are facilitated by a member of staff and/or a specially trained volunteer. 

Don't feel isolated, lonely or depressed with your brain injury, talk with us. Sessions are online using Zoom and you can be as active in the session as you wish, or you can quietly listen to the conversations going on. You are welcome to take part on your own, or a family member or carer can sit with you. 

We talk about all sorts of things, the weather, sport, hobbies, days out, current affairs, cooking, gardening, holidays, problems we are facing, solutions that we have found, how we received our brain injuries, anything really. 

  • Peer Support - talk about brain injury and what you or other members of the group are going through (good and bad things).  You are not alone and we understand.

  • Guest Speakers - this could be anything. Members of the group suggest topics that interest them, or we might find an interesting speaker.  Get in touch if you are a speaker.  

Come and take part from your home, enjoy a coffee and talk with us.  You will realise you are not alone. Everyone helps everyone with advice, stories and encouragement. Look after your mental health and well being, be a part of our group! 

Contact us for an initial discussion to see if this service will be of benefit to you. 01483 454433

Headway Surrey is a registered charity.  Online Coffee Mornings are provided as a free service.  These sessions are only provided by the generosity of donations and members of the Friends of Headway Surrey Scheme.  If you are a local organisation and would like to sponsor this service please get in touch. 

Other Services

Charges and Referral

Read about our charges and how to be referred to Headway Surrey.

Art Sessions

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Brain Injury Education Workshops

Education workshops aim to help the understanding of how brain injury affects a person’s thinking skills.

Brain Injury ID Card

The Card is designed to help the general public and Police to more easily identify brain injury survivors and ensure that they receive an appropriate response and support.

Centre Day (Workshops)

Education workshops aim to help the understanding of how brain injury affects a person’s thinking skills.

Counselling Services

A safe space to enable change without judgement where each person can explore and discuss their issues.

Family and Carers Survival Toolkit Course

Family, close friends and carers are important and need their own space and time to deal with the effects of being with and caring for someone with a brain injury.

Friday Friends Drop In

This is a FREE SERVICE and is available to anyone with an Acquired Brain Injury.

One to One Individual or Family Sessions

We offer one to one education sessions on zoom for individuals or family groups to educate and support on individual issues.

Lunch & Learn Professional Talks

We can provide tailored training to your staff or group. This can be a presentation on a particular topic or a question-and-answer session.

Understanding Brain Injury Course

Adults with a brain injury learn about the brain and changes to cognition, fatigue, emotion and communication.

How you can Help Us

Donate to Headway Surrey

We rely on voluntary donations to continue to provide vital services to brain injury survivors and their families. There are many ways to make a donation


Whatever your skills and experience - we can find you a role.


It is surprisingly easy to help raise funding for Headway Surrey.