Legacy Giving

How to Leave a Legacy

Making a Will is vital to secure the future of your family.  If you die without a Will, it can cause real problems for your loved ones.  It will also cost more money to sort things out.  A valid Will puts you in control of your affairs and gives peace of mind.  If your Will is not up to date, perhaps it is time to act.

To be safe, it is better to have your Will written by a solicitor, who will ensure it’s accurate, is correctly witnessed and valid.

If you have already written your Will, you can include Headway Surrey by adding a codicil which avoids the expense of changing your Will.

You can choose to leave a legacy in several ways:

  • Pecuniary Gift - A cash sum of money; you may wish to leave a specific sum of money
  • Residuary Gift - A percentage of your remaining estate; you may wish to leave a percentage of your remaining estate after specific gifts have been made. 
  • Life Interest Gift - you may wish to leave a gift, e.g. a property, to someone during their lifetime and then, on the event of their death, the property can be passed on to someone else or a charity.

You could also benefit from reduced Inheritance Tax if 10% or more of your estate is left to charity – www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax/giving-to-charity-to -reduce-an-inheritance-tax-bill.

If you would like to leave Headway Surrey a legacy, you can use the following wording:

I leave ………….. to Headway Surrey Head Injuries Association Limited, Headway House, North Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9PU, registered charity number 1046863.


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