Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is open 3 days a week (Tues-Wed-Thurs), 10am-3pm and offers bespoke tailored programmes of activities for people who have sustained brain injuries.  Clients will be supported by members of staff and carefully selected volunteers.  We also offer other services on a 1:2:1 basis at home or at the centre. 

Clients can self-refer for our services or be referred by a medical/health/social services professional, just give us a ring or send an email to start the process. You will then be invited into meet us for a chat, which may lead to an assessment.  You are welcome to bring a family member/friend/carer for support, when you visit us.   Our staff have the nationally reconised Headway UK Certificate in Brain Injury. 

From our meeting, we can assess whether we can assist your cognitive rehabilitation here at Headway Surrey.  If this is not suitable, we will try to signpost you to other support that is more suitable.    

Working with the Client and family/carer we can set realistic achieveable goals in a calm, caring and supportive environment.  

We can give you information about how you can seek funding from Adult Social Care, if you should need this. 

Clients bring a packed lunch with them and we provide a morning and afternoon break with tea/coffee /water/squash and biscuits.

Life Skills

Aim: To improve members independent living skills by developing and applying appropriate strategies.

A wide range of topics are covered, up-to-date functional materials are used whenever possible.  Eg. 

  • Planning activities – applying strategies to assist in planning a meal, a journey, a weekend.
  • Financial management – applying strategies to assist in budgeting, reading bank statements, working out best payment methods, paying bills.
  • Understanding tables / maps – applying strategies to assist in reading timetables, and maps to find a route.
  • Giving / following directions – applying strategies to assist in giving directions and in following directions in a variety of situations, both verbal and visual.

Brainstorming/Planning and Prioritising

Aim: To encourage members to use appropriate strategies to assist with planning, organising and prioritising. Eg.

  • House moving
  • Travelling abroad
  • Planning a social get-together

Memory Group

Aim: To raise awareness of how the memory works and of internal and external memory strategies.

This is a small group session which includes discussion followed by application of strategies to practical written exercises.

Executive Skills

Aim: To raise awareness of the elements that make up ‘executive skills’ and strategies that can be used.

This is a small group session which includes discussion and practical written activities.

News and Views Group

Aim: To allow all members to give a reasoned opinion on a given topic.

To encourage members to listen to others, to encourage members to ‘agree to differ’.

This is a whole group session.  Topics are taken from national newspapers.

Individual Cognitive Activities

Aim:  To allow all members to work on a variety of activities / exercises / materials and apply appropriate strategies.

Computer Skills

A volunteer assists all members who wish to use the computers.  Members can use the computers to:

  • Learn new skills or brush up on existing ones
  • Communicate (written) and carry out individual cognitive activities
  • Aid cognitive deficits (cognitive software installed)

Social and Behavioural Issues

Headway Surrey staff work continuously with individual members, addressing social, behavioural and anger problems.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Headway Surrey staff support individual members as they prepare to move from the centre to adult education/employment.  This support is ongoing and the use of strategies, communication skills and social skills is constantly monitored.

Support for Families/Carers

Headway Surrey staff liaise with families/carers to ensure strategies are continued at home, e.g. a partner/spouse will be discouraged from becoming a "portable memory strategy" to assist the member to become more reliant on other strategies.

Support is also given on a wide range of issues to families/carers whenever requested, either by phone or face-to-face.


Donate to Headway Surrey

We rely on voluntary donations to continue to provide vital services to brain injury survivors and their families. There are many ways to make a donation. Click to learn more.

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