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London Marathon - Sunday 3 October 2021

Get set for the London Marathon

Every year Headway Surrey has entrants in the London Marathon, and this year we are proud to have seven entrants for the Virtual London Marathon and four entrants for the Actual London Marathon. Both events taking place on 3 October 2021. The runners are showing amazing commitment to their training and we are so grateful for their support. We are enjoying hearing updates from them about their gruelling schedule and their stories that led them to the London Marathon.

Andrew Golding - Actual London Marathon

Bib number: 35367

"Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me reach the first target of £1,000. As a result, the date for the shave has now been set for the last weekend of July. My aim for £2,000 by then is looking optimistic, but any help to get close would be amazing.

In October 2020 I walked into the barbers for the last time. In the months since, as my hair continues to grow, I have been compared to a musketeer, Carrie Anne-Moss, and, succinctly, an idiot. But more importantly, I signed up to run the London Marathon almost a year after that last haircut, in October 2021, to raise money for Headway Surrey..."

Phil West - Actual London Marathon

Bib number: 35368

"I am delighted to be running the London Marathon this year for Headway Surrey. Headway are a charity that my fiancé and I support due to a their support for Gemma's dad during his time as a professional cyclist. Since he retired, Tony has become an ambassador for Headway and I am so pleased to be running to support Headway.

Headway support adults with acquired brain injury (ABI) to live well with their brain injury and optimise their cognitive rehabilitation recovery. They support ABI survivors to become independent and reenable them to their maximum level..."

Sophie de Ferrars - Actual London Marathon

Bib number: 35369

"First of all, I am definitely not a runner so this is gonna be a massive challenge for me - most of my friends think I'm crazy. I wish I could say its always been a dream to run a marathon but actually I'm just really impulsive and once I have an idea I can't let it go and after seeing Headway, the charity I am working with, I knew it was meant to be!

They are such a lovely charity, their work includes providing a range of long term specialist cognitive rehabilitation services to stimulate new neural pathways, improve memory, strategies to help with planning and decision making and overall well-being in regards to those suffering with brain injuries..."

Charlie Ellison - Actual London Marathon

Bib number: 35370

"Hi everyone, my name is Charlie and I am absolutely buzzing to be running the London Marathon 2021 on October 3rd in support of Headway Surrey.

I have been running for fun since 2016 but this will be my biggest challenge by far.

I've dabbled in a couple of professional races in the past (to varying success) but never the big 26 so let's hope it goes well..."

Beccy Bowden - Virtual London Marathon

Bib number: v29773

"I'm walking the virtual Marathon in October to raise money for the fantastic Headway Surrey who have been working tirelessly over the last year to support our clients with Acquired Brain Injury.

I'm frequently bowled away by how brave and determined our clients are - they acquired their brain injuries by sporting accidents, cycling or car accidents, strokes, or simply taking a fall. The youngest client I've met at one of our session was in his 20s and had taken a bad fall while on gap year travels that would affect him for the rest of his life..."

Wendy Gibbling - Virtual London Marathon

Bib number: v28427

"Headway Surrey is an independent registered charity which supports people in Surrey with acquired brain injury (ABI), including traumatic brain injury, over the age of 18, and their families and carers.

Providing bespoke cognitive rehabilitation programs to re-learn everyday executive skills that we all take for granted at the centre*, community hub*, online or at home*. (*services currently offered online via Zoom due to Covid restrictions)."

Maria Brooks - Virtual London Marathon

Bib number: v42147

"I have decided to run the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday 3rd October 2021!

I have never been a runner, up until May 2020! Then a few things occurred in my life, one of which was redundancy from my job, so to fill in the time, I started doing a 10 minute jog, which increased to 20 and then to 40.

Then my long term friend and kayaker, Sonja, mentioned that Headway Surrey had London Marathon places. Well, with a bit of persuasion from other long term friends and kayakers Sarah, Lesley and Jacqui, I decided to do it. I am determined to complete this challenge and help others..."

Wendy Bainbridge - Virtual London Marathon

Bib number: v6199

"My 53 year old daughter sustained an Acquired Brain Injury in 2016 and now requires permanent care for life.

I am taking part in the Virtual London Marathon to raise money for Headway Surrey and to thank them for the enormous support they have given me.

This will be my 18th marathon ..... but with a difference ... I will be walking the distance because cataract surgery in July and August prevents me from training and running.

Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations."

Waitrose Dorking - Virtual London Marathon

"On Sunday October 3rd Julie Mapp (Bib number: v29773) and Lisa Butler (Bib number: v40039) will be walking the 26 miles of the London Marathon and Wes Green Bib number: (v28630)will be running the distance. This is a massive undertaking for all three of them as they have never done anything remotely like this before.

They are being trained and supported by work colleagues to make sure they are in the best shape possible to complete the challenge. Your support to get us over the £600 target will boost their confidence hugely and give them all the motivation they need to complete it..."

Joe Young

Bib number: v42805

I am running the London Marathon for HEADWAY SURREY because they are a great charity and help a lot of people.

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